About Us

The Dialogue is an emerging research and public-policy think-tank with a vision to drive a progressive narrative in India’s policy discourse. Founded in July 2017, we believe in facilitating informed policy debates at various levels to help develop a more informed citizenry.

The Dialogue’s mission is to bring policy to the people and subsequently connect them with issues that really matter in today’s world, with the long-term objective of driving reforms through informed public opinion and citizenry participation. Our primary focus is on technology, being a key driver of change in the 21st century.

At The Dialogue, we focus on communicating with impact and using innovative tools to tell a public-policy story. We develop policy documents, briefs, reports, research studies, books and case studies having worked with leading institutions from India and abroad.

We have conducted primary and secondary research for Government of Germany, WHO, University of Chicago, industry bodies and corporates, across multiple policy areas, some of which include data protection, cyber security, smart manufacturing, start-up policies and road safety. We conducted training programmes to the Government of Gujarat on cyber security as part of our skill-development initiatives and developed Policy Report for the Maharashtra State Commission for Women on Women Trafficking that was taken up at the Prime Ministerial level. We have also conducted policy & market research and ran campaigns for industry bodies and leading tech companies operating in India, such as Centre for Social Research, PHD Chambers and CII.

We have worked with institutions across Intellectual Property domains, data protection, internet governance and cyber-security, geo-political analysis and public affairs. Our stronghold in the policy ecosystem – driven by our research, conferences, publications and strong networks –  enables us to deliver maximum impact.