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At The Dialogue, we are consistently on the lookout for insightful, impactful and compelling articles which can help drive the development oriented narrative of the website. We are a network of professionals in the policy and development space, and want this to be the biggest network in India.If you are a development or policy professional, researcher, academician, consultant or have knowledge expertise on any of the sectors listed on the website, then The Dialogue needs you. We welcome powerful research, which is condensed into consumable content for our readers in order to sensitise them on the opportunities, and challenges that exist in India from a development perspective.The Dialogue will be your space to express your thoughts and ideas. But we are not just a website to publish and report. We want to take your research and drive informed public opinions, sensitise the masses, and in the long run propose progressive policy changes for the betterment of our country. This is not possible without your support, as your research and ideas will form the bedrock to deliver The Dialogue’s long-term objective of promoting policy changes.So come and join us as we embark on a journey to enhance inclusive growth and make India a global force to reckon with.Write to us :

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India is marred with a complex social, economic and political structure, which requires innovative solutions to solve the most difficult problems of today. India is also a land of opportunities despite its challenges, mainly due to its demographic dividend and cultural diversity. The Dialogue is founded with the vision of harnessing the opportunities present in India today by reinventing the policy and political discourse in order to drive a forward looking narrative for the country.