The Dialogue

The Dialogue is an emerging research and public-policy think-tank with a vision to drive a progressive narrative in India’s policy discourse. Founded in 2016, we believe in facilitating informed policy debates at various levels to help develop a more informed citizenry. Over the last one year, The Dialogue has emerged as a horizontal institution, having delivered more than 40 projects, and work across multiple thematic areas. These areas include Digital Governance and Privacy, Cyber Security, Data Protection, Energy and Development Issues, Intellectual Property and Foreign Policy.

We work with research institutions, government, media, civil-societies, bilateral institutions and universities to deliver research, analysis, and advocacy. We engage with our network of experts, and along with our in-house team, we provide policy consultancy, advisory, and report to our clients and partners. Our experts’ knowledge and experience help us to understand the policy landscape coherently, aided by our research and programme management capabilities, to provide the most effective and cohesive policy advise and advocacy.

To create a constructive discourse on policies and demonstrate its impact on the people

To enable our partners to navigate the regulatory and policy environment of India

To drive a development-oriented narrative substantiated by data and contribute to India’s growth story through policy discourse

To highlight gaps in policy and governance, invite solutions and propose reforms through participation by experts, government and citizens

Our Expertise

The Dialogue’s USP lies in the network and expertise we bring across multiple sectors. We work through a 360 degree model of public-policy support that involves working with policymakers, developing robust systems, engaging with subject matter experts for our partners and driving a constructive policy discourse through research, advocacy, communications, and seminars.





Knowledge Partners

We have more than 20 knowledge partners comprising of leading think-tanks, industry bodies, foreign & Indian universities, and civil society institutions. Our knowledge partners bring unique expertise to the field of research, analysis, academia and consulting. We work closely with them to enhance the scope of our understanding of the policy landscape to provide robust analysis to our partners and associates.

As part of our work, we operate across three pillars that comprise of:

Outreach and Discourse

Policy Research and Capacity Building


Outreach and Discourse

We develop crisp and punchy content that contains analytical articles, policy briefs, Op-Eds and policy updates. Kindly visit the website here –

In addition to our publication, we have delivered more than twenty conferences across, roundtables, and capacity building programmes across India, on data governance, cybersecurity, technology, and digital policy, constitutional law, development issues, and foreign policy. Our conferences have emerged as an essential element of our work that allows a platform for thought leaders, policymakers and the corporate sector to come together and deliberate over policy matters with the objective of driving progressive reforms. Our flagship off-line discourse, the Policy Talk, takes policy issues to the mainstream by pondering upon crucial aspects across various thematic areas. Senior ministers, MPs, bureaucrats, senior government officials, corporates and thought leaders have participated at our conference and roundtables.

Policy Research and Capacity Building

At The Dialogue, we focus on communicating with impact and using innovative tools to tell a public-policy story. We develop policy documents, briefs, reports and case studies, having worked with leading institutions from India and abroad.
We have also conducted policy & market research and ran campaigns for industry bodies, NGOs and leading tech companies operating in India and abroad.


The Dialogue engages in issue-based advocacy on matters of public policy.
We have worked with institutions and organizations across Intellectual Property domains, data protection, technology policy, internet governance, cyber-security and geopolitical analysis.
Our stronghold in the policy ecosystem driven by research, conferences, publication and strong networks enables us to deliver maximum impact to drive policy advocacy.

About us

India is marred with a complex social, economic and political structure, which requires innovative solutions to solve the most difficult problems of today. India is also a land of opportunities despite its challenges, mainly due to its demographic dividend and cultural diversity. The Dialogue is founded with the vision of harnessing the opportunities present in India today by reinventing the policy and political discourse in order to drive a forward looking narrative for the country.