Conference on AI, Privacy and Cross-Border Data Flows
December 2018
New Delhi

The Dialogue, with support from Microsoft, organised a day-long event in the month of December around the intersection of cross-border data flows, AI and Privacy. The conference was attended by nearly 200 participants with more than twenty-five speakers across, law, policy and technical backgrounds. The discussion focused on key sub-themes such as Value of Data to AI & Innovation; Legal and Ethical Challenges around AI Deployment; Cross-Border Data Flows fundamental to AI growth; Policy framework to facilitate AI’s success – Restrictive Vs Expansive.

Kindly find the Post Conference Report here – Post Conference Report – Cross-Border data flows fundamental for AI growth in India

Participation at the 3rd Digital Citizen Summit
December 2018
New Delhi

Kazim Rizvi from The Dialogue moderated the Plenary Session held at the 3rd Digital Citizen Summit organised by the Digital Empowerment Foundation. The key objective of the summit was to generate actionable policy-based recommendations and lay down steps to promote human rights online.

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Launch of Study on Data Localisation in India
November 2018
New Delhi

The Dialogue releases  its in-house study on the impact of data localisation policies, titled ‘Data Localisation in a Globalised World: An Indian Perspective’, on 19th November.

The study argues that cross-border data flows are fundamental to the growth of the global economy. By examining different aspects of data localization such as security, costs, international approaches, and a sectoral analysis, the study concludes that localization is not a viable means to the end that it is designed for. Instead, there are better alternatives available to improve law enforcement and ease of access, which would accomplish the same results without necessarily compromising on the prospects of growth.

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Participation at the Global Think-Tank Summit, Brussels
November 2018
Brussels, Belgium

The Global Think-Tank summit was organised by UPenn and Breugel, a leading Belgian think-tank. A three-day affair, the conference brought together more than a hundred and twenty think-tankers and thought leaders from fifty countries. The Dialogue was one of the only two organisations from India and it was truly an honour to represent India and our institution.

Kazim Rizvi moderated the plenary session, that constituted a power packed panel comprising of Dr. Michael Cox, Director of LSE IDEAS and Emeritus Professor of International Relations at LSE, and one of the top political thinkers in Britain today. We were joined by Mr. Karim Aynaoui, Director of a leading Moroccan think-tank OCP Policy Centre, along with Ann Mettler, Head of European Political Strategy, European Commission and Ms. Julia Karmo, a journalist based out of Germany.

The topic of the panel was the role of think-tanks in the age of global disruption, how are think-tanks driving informed discourses to bring balance in the political ecosystem.

Participation at the Annual Privacy Summit organised by Indian National Bar Association
October 2018

The Dialogue participated at the 2018 Privacy Sumit organised by the Indian National Bar Association, on 26th October 2018 at Bangalore. Kazim Rizvi participated and moderated sessions on data localisation and exception to consent.

Stakeholder Consultation on Data Protection Bill, 2018
September 2018
New Delhi

The Dialogue, in association with ESC and CUTS International organized a stakeholder consultation ‘Towards A Regulated Data Economy: Getting The Implementation Right’ on 26 September 2018 at Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC), New Delhi. This was a roundtable discussion to gather stakeholder inputs on the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018. The discussion focused on key issues under the Bill, namely the consent architecture; Grievance redressal mechanism; Enhanced personal entitlements; The role and functionalities of Data Protection Authority; Data privacy; Data localization; and more.

Post Roundtable Report – Towards A Regulated Data Economy_ Getting The Implementation Right

Securing Cyberspace Conference
September 2018
New Delhi

The Dialogue, in partnership with Cyber Peace Foundation, delivered a day-long conference on issues around data protection and Privacy Bill, with stakeholders consisting from the government, consultancies, academia, civil society, and other interest groups.

Data Security and Privacy Symposium
August 2018
New Delhi

The Dialogue, in partnership with Root 64, organized and delivered a day-long seminar on data protection and privacy.

Young Thinkers’ Conference, Kolkata
August 2018

In partnership with the British High Commission, The Dialogue organized and delivered the annual Young Thinkers Conference in Kolkata around technology and foreign policy.

Over 150 young delegates, senior government representatives and emerging startups actively participated in the 2nd edition of the British High Commission’s Young Thinkers’ Conference in Kolkata, to co-create a new collaborative growth model.

On the sidelines of the conference, a roundtable discussion was organised with elected representatives and energy experts on creation of green jobs through innovative low carbon and climate resilient models.

The objective of the conference was to bring together experts and young thinkers to discuss the role of West Bengal and East India as a trade and investment hub in South Asia and the potential to trade with the UK.

Report – Young Thinkers’ Conference, 2018-2

Digital Governance for Growth: Using Data to Drive India Forward
June 2018
New Delhi

The Dialogue, in partnership with Dell, organised and delivered a conference on digital governance and data in the month of June, 2018. The conference saw participation from more than 150 delegates and speakers from the government, industry, think-tanks, civil-society and the academia.

The conference provided  a forum to various stakeholder to present their thoughts on all aspects concerning Digital India. It help leverage the insights gained as a nation to move ahead and ensure that we are not only agile and creating a lead in terms of domain knowledge but also put a framework – in terms of functional, measurable steps in improving our understanding and empowering our people with the basic nuances of cyber-security.

Digital Governance for Growth- Conference Report

Roundtable on Regulation of Online Content
May 2018
New Delhi

The Dialogue in partnership with the Digital India Foundation and Ashoka University organised a half-day stakeholder consultation titled “Regulation in the Innovation Economy”.

The conference involved participation of 38 people from diverse fields, including corporate sector, government, consultancy, research and academia.

Roundtable Post-Conference Report_21st May

Conference on Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics and Data Protection
April 2018
New Delhi

The Dialogue, In partnership with Microsoft, Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty and Centre for Joint Warfare Studies, organized a one-day Conference on Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics and Data Protection.

Conference on Future of Privacy in India
March, 2018
New Delhi

The Dialogue, in partnership with Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty and Centre for Joint Warfare Studies, organized a one-day Conference on the future of privacy in India.

Conference on Foreign Policy Challenges in India
February, 2018
New Delhi

The Dialogue collaborated with St. Stephen’s College to organise a two-day event on the forging policy and strategic affairs challenges facing India. Kazim Rizvi moderated and participated at the sessions around India’s soft power and the future of Indian diplomacy.

Conference on Economic Opportunities around Cyber-Security
February, 2018
New Delhi

In partnership with University of Chicago Centre New Delhi, The Dialogue organised a half-day discussion on the economic opportunities around cyber security in India.

National Conference on Policy Framework for Data Protection in India
January, 2018
New Delhi

The Dialogue, with support from Microsoft, jointly delivered a one-day seminar titled “National Conference on Policy Framework for Data Protection in India”, on 22nd January 2018. Mirror Now was the Knowledge Partner and contributed to the discourse with their inputs and views.  The Conference was held at the Constitution Club of India and was attended by approximately 120 people, who belonged to academia, government, consultancy as well as private and public sector professionals.

Conference Proceedings and Suggestions to White Paper- Data Protection Policy Framework in India

Legislature Vs. Judiciary – Driving Discourse for Good Governance
October, 2017
New Delhi

The Dialogue, in partnership with the Federal Advocacy Group, Department of Political Science, University of Delhi, conducted a Panel Discussion to deliver a public policy discourse on the current relationship between the Judiciary and the Legislature and whether the Judiciary is over-stepping into the policy-making domain, or is the Legislature falling short of its responsibilities, thus making it critical for the Judiciary to advocate on the matters of Governance.

Panel Discussion on “Connecting India’s Billion“
October 2017
New Delhi

The Dialogue, in partnership with Digital Empowerment Foundation, organizeda panel discussion of the demand side issues with Bharat net project where the lead researcher will highlight some data that shows the primary reasons for uptake of internet connectivity in rural areas. This was followed by a discussion on how demand for internet access can be augmented in such ideas. Panel members will then discuss the technological alternatives for meeting these demands.

Industry 4.0: Confronting Challenges
October 2017
New Delhi

The Dialogue, in partnership with Digital Empowerment Foundation, organized a panel discussion on the impact of smart manufacturing and challenges around cyber security in India. The session enabled stakeholders to discuss a diverse set of activities driven by the common theme of intelligent manufacturing and cybersecurity. Cybersecurity affects all form of smart manufacturing processes, be it smart grid, smart cities, automation, integrated machinery, artificial intelligence and internet of things. To address all these aspects, we invited experts who understand various factors from an infrastructure, policy and regulatory perspective to ensure that all links around smart manufacturing and cybersecurity are discussed on an outcome-based discourse.

New Age Data: Age Old Concerns
September 2017
New Delhi

The Dialogue, in partnership with IIT Delhi, conducted a conference on India’s data protection law. This event was an open public consultation to understand the intricacies of data protection and the direction it is taking. Through this exercise, we incorporated the views of experts and the general public on this matter.

Hon’ble Minister for Electronics and IT, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad was the Chief Guest at the event. The speakers comprised of Mr. Osama Manzar, Ms. Mishi Chaudhary, Mr. Arvind Gupta and Mr. Deepak Maheshwari, with Mr. Jay Panda as the Moderator of the discussion.

Policy Talk with Jay Panda
August 2017
New Delhi

The Dialogue conducted a panel discussion on data protection with Mr. Jay Panda, MP, to raise awareness among the public on their rights, especially in a digital landscape. The objective was to enhance discussion regarding the bill to better understand the molecular aspects of rights, safeguards, penalties, etc. as provided in the statement.

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